About Us

Hi I'm Natasha and am the owner and founder of Navy and Coral Lifestyle Store. In 2014 I began researching and planning to discover what it would take to open a shop in Whakatane. Before moving to the Bay of Plenty I had spent 9 or so years in London, England. During that time I was privileged to work in a variety of prestigious retail outlets such as Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges Department Stores where I worked as a makeup artist and beauty consultant. Eventually I studied in London at the Steiner Training Academy and worked at a luxury hair and beauty salon called Michael Van Clarke as a beauty therapist and resident makeup artist. Here I had no choice but to see first hand what it takes to run a successful and highly regarded business, where customer service and relations are a priority and key, fundamentally, to that success.

Throughout this experience I was greatly inspired by the editorial side of the business where I got to work first hand with amazing stylists, photographers and see the process of 'shooting' an awesome photo for a magazine or for the salon's portfolio. I came back home to New Zealand feeling inspired and excited about what the future might hold for me and how I could draw on my past experiences and channel them into something amazing of my own.

Approximately ten years later after getting married and producing two gorgeous girls, Navy and Coral finally came into fruition. I needed to work somewhere that sparked my inner creative and made me excited about getting up every day and going to work. Every day produces a new challenge and major decision making and of course loads of satisfaction. I really hope everyone that comes into my store feels welcome, enjoys the space and leaves feeling happy with their shopping experience, ultimately returning again and again!!​​​